Helping Hands wants to be in business for a good long time, and a healthy community is necessary for a healthy business. We want to act responsibly and appropriately identify and efficiently rehabilitate neglected properties, so that damaged neighborhoods can thrive without the hindrances often associated with deteriorated properties. We believe that our business can inspire solutions to the income inequality crisis, and that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live in a place where they feel safe, comfortable and, most importantly, have the ability to succeed.

Current Campaign: The Responsible Community

We at Helping Hands understand that combating income inequality, an alarming gap constituting the greatest disparity since the Twenties, will be long and arduous. However,  as with all enormous problems, a viable solution is achieved by taking one small step at a time. We believe that part of the answer to this problem rests in the drastic improvement of our infrastructure.

Today we are experiencing a shrinking middle class, a growing lower class, and an upper class that owns roughly 35% of all privately held wealth. All indicators of economic health point in the direction of the continuation of this trend. If action is not taken quickly, we are looking at a future social and financial structure that rests upon a caste system as its foundation. The question is, how do we reverse this staggering decline before it becomes irrepressibly cataclysmic?

Most discussions regarding this question have resulted in senseless rhetoric, promoting the shifting of blame from one side to the other. The solution does not reside in bolstering one end of the spectrum while bringing down the other or vice versa, but rather in stimulating the economy and improving the overall standard of living.

This campaign marks the beginning of our quest to improve the standard of living throughout the Philadelphia area by addressing the growing concern regarding the quality of our infrastructure. We will explore various alternatives to dilapidated and neglected properties including large and small-scale initiatives that will help improve the character of our neighborhoods, both internally and externally.

We invite you to join us on our mission to answer some of these questions – by exploring, sharing, and confronting concerns that are plaguing the positive mindset of the Philadelphia populous.

Providing Relief:

We are here to make people’s lives better. “Better” means providing an opportunity for people to be able to have the choice to shape their own future, in whatever form that may take.

Increase in Revenue for Local Businesses
As part of our effort to revitalize dilapidated neighborhoods, Helping Hands and its development partners, will purchase all supplies necessary for the reconstruction of neglected properties from local businesses.

Although such supplies could be found at national chains, we at Helping Hands believe that small businesses are vital not only to the health of the local economy but also to our nation’s economy. An increase in revenue for local businesses will undoubtedly provide a greater impetus for future growth and enable them to flourish for years to come.

Increase in Revenue for the City of Philadelphia
One of the benefits the city of Philadelphia will see as a result of Act 135, in addition to the rehabilitation of blighted properties, will be the receipt of monies owed in delinquent taxes and unpaid utility bills accrued by the previous owner.

The city will also experience an increase in long-term revenue growth, as neighborhoods will continue to improve and stabilize as blighted properties become less prominent.

We Need Your Support

Your donation will help us continue to improve the neighborhoods in your city by helping to provide low-income residents with opportunities to repair or sell blighted properties.