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Vare Recreation Center

Vare Recreation Center, located at 2600 Morris St. in South Philadelphia. The recreation center contains roughly 3.6 acres, a pool, a sports field, two ball fields, and two basketball courts. Kids who attend Vare Recreation Center on a regular basis range from elementary to high school, with as many as two hundred spending time at the Vare Recreation Center per day.

As part of Helping Hands Philadelphia’s mission to bring financial relief to established community and educational institutions, HHP approached Vare Recreation Center with the purpose of providing such assistance. On March 26, 2015, in partnership with Dranoff Properties, HHP was able to donate a number of gently-used bicycles, sports equipment, and electronic entertainment to the recreation center.



As one of its primary goals is to operate as an after-school program for many kids throughout South Philadelphia, providing usuable sports equipment and other means of entertainment is essential to keeping kids engaged.

HHP Headquarters, Computer Lab, and Affordable Housing at 2352 Federal St.

Helping Hands Philadelphia will have a new headquarters located at 2352 Federal St. in Point Breeze, Philadelphia. Currently, sharing a building with the Real Estate company, Streamline Solutions, who mad a very gracious donation to the organization that included a new headquarters as apart of their new construction project.

In addition to the new headquarters, Streamline Solutions will also be constructing a new computer lab that will be located on the floor beneath the new office for Helping Hands Philadelphia. The computer lab will be one of HHP’s first significant projects in the Point Breeze community.  The computer lab will function as a hub for residents throughout the Point Breeze community, providing both an after-school program and resources to residents to help them search for and gain employment.




The new project at 2352 will also include two affordable housing units that will be located above the Helping Hands Philadelphia’s headquarters.

The headquarters, computer lab, and affordable housing units are intended to be ready by the fall of 2015.

Strategic Partnership with Students Helping Students

As a significant part of its mission, Helping Hands Philadelphia intends to positively impact the educational community. However, before HHP is able to reinvest back into local pre-K and K-12 educational institutions through the revenue created through the sale of their rehabilitation projects, HHP needs to establish strategic partnerships to get the ball rolling.

As such, Helping Hands Philadelphia is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Philadelphia based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Students Helping Students.

South Philadelphia High School

The mission of Students Helping Students is to reallocate gently-used school supplies and furnishings from wealthy to low-income schools across the country. To date, SHS has redistributed tens of thousands of supplies and furnishings to over 60 schools in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

Over the past few months, Students Helping Students and Helping Hands Philadelphia have worked together to donate roughly 2,000 books to South Philadelphia High School. As both organizations continue to grow, SHS and HHP look to strengthen their bond and help significantly impact the Philadelphia educational system in more ways than one.

St. Charles Senior Community Center

On Tuesday, February 24th, Helping Hands Philadelphia donated non-perishable goods to the St. Charles Senior Community Center, located at 1941 Christian Street. In partnership with the Riverloft Apartments, 777 South Broad Street, SouthStar Lofts, The Left Bank and Locust on the Park, we were able to supply the Food Bank within the community center with what they need for the week.


The St. Charles Senior Community Center is a multi-service senior center serving South Philadelphia and funded by PCA and Catholic Social Services.  The center offers congregate meals, social and recreational activities, educational classes, transportation, day trips, volunteer opportunities, and informational referrals. Older adults may also participate in classes on health and nutrition, consumer issues, and computers, all free of charge. The St. Charles Senior Community Center also serves as a provider of the PCA In-Home Support Program (IHSP), administered by Catholic Health Care Services (CHCS).

Mon to Fri, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM



We, at Helping Hands Philadelphia, would like to give a special thanks to all those who participated in this event.

Queens Memorial Library

As part of HHP’s mission, improving the community by providing local educational and community centers added financial support is of extraordinary importance. In addition to creating revenue through the sale of the properties HHP plans on rehabilitating, the organization also participates in CrowdFunding initiatives to help raise funding for other local organizations.


Such CrowdFunding initiatives in the community include raising funding for local libraries. HHP is in the process of launching a CrowdFunding campaign that will provide much- needed support to a free public library in the South Philadelphia neighborhood of Point Breeze. Too many kids , as well as elderly residents, are put at risk every day. Providing funding to support this popular library will enable it to expand its educational resources to better meet the needs of the large number of people who seek out its services. The type of support we would like to give to this local free library includes:

  • Providing Queens Memorial Library in the Point Breeze community with new tables
  • Providing financial support for the purpose of attaining new computer programs including Microsoft Office
  • Establishing a partnership between Queens Memorial Library and local universities for the purpose of providing after-school tutoring for area students

Be on the look out for our CrowdFunding campaign when we launch on February 27, 2015.

Computer Lab

Helping Hands Philadelphia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide financial support to the local community via public schools and educational institutions using proceeds from the rehabilitation of vacant and blighted properties. After appropriately identifying deteriorating or vacant properties, Helping Hands Philadelphia will employ Act 135 to undertake constructive action to redress property neglect. Helping Hands seeks to form partnerships with leading developers and sources of financing in order to facilitate the reuse of deteriorated and blighted properties into affordable and market-rate housing. The revenue earned by Helping Hands Philadelphia – through the sale of these properties – will be reinvested back into the areas where rehabilitation is occurring by providing much needed additional financial support to local educational institutions and future affordable housing developments. In turn, by creating a bridge between the real estate and educational worlds, Helping Hands Philadelphia will provide an additional incentive for the city and the local community to work together to remove blight.

As one of its first significant community development projects, Helping Hands Philadelphia is establishing a computer lab in the Point Breeze community. Helping Hands Philadelphia will have its headquarters and computer lab in the same building, located at 2352 Federal Street. With construction and development assistance donated by Streamline Solutions, Helping Hands Philadelphia will be able to help make a significant impact on the Point Breeze community and the city of Philadelphia.

The computer lab will be used as a hub for residents throughout the Point Breeze community offering both an after-school program and a resource for improving the ability to look for and gain employment. For instance, some of the programs will include typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint classes for residents. In addition, educational professionals will be hired to assist local students with homework assignments and provide extra help in mathematics, writing school essays, and applying for college. In addition, the computer lab would also provide residents with the opportunity to receive help in building and improving their resumes for possible future employment.

The completion of the Computer Lab is expected by Fall 2015.