HHP Headquarters, Computer Lab, and Affordable Housing at 2352 Federal St.

Helping Hands Philadelphia will have a new headquarters located at 2352 Federal St. in Point Breeze, Philadelphia. Currently, sharing a building with the Real Estate company, Streamline Solutions, who mad a very gracious donation to the organization that included a new headquarters as apart of their new construction project.

In addition to the new headquarters, Streamline Solutions will also be constructing a new computer lab that will be located on the floor beneath the new office for Helping Hands Philadelphia. The computer lab will be one of HHP’s first significant projects in the Point Breeze community.  The computer lab will function as a hub for residents throughout the Point Breeze community, providing both an after-school program and resources to residents to help them search for and gain employment.




The new project at 2352 will also include two affordable housing units that will be located above the Helping Hands Philadelphia’s headquarters.

The headquarters, computer lab, and affordable housing units are intended to be ready by the fall of 2015.

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