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Helping Hands Philadelphia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide financial support to the local community via public schools and educational institutions using proceeds from the rehabilitation of vacant and blighted properties. After appropriately identifying deteriorating or vacant properties, Helping Hands Philadelphia will employ Act 135 to undertake constructive action to redress property neglect. Helping Hands seeks to form partnerships with leading developers and sources of financing in order to facilitate the reuse of deteriorated and blighted properties into affordable and market-rate housing. The revenue earned by Helping Hands Philadelphia – through the sale of these properties – will be reinvested back into the areas where rehabilitation is occurring by providing much needed additional financial support to local educational institutions and future affordable housing developments. In turn, by creating a bridge between the real estate and educational worlds, Helping Hands Philadelphia will provide an additional incentive for the city and the local community to work together to remove blight.

As one of its first significant community development projects, Helping Hands Philadelphia is establishing a computer lab in the Point Breeze community. Helping Hands Philadelphia will have its headquarters and computer lab in the same building, located at 2352 Federal Street. With construction and development assistance donated by Streamline Solutions, Helping Hands Philadelphia will be able to help make a significant impact on the Point Breeze community and the city of Philadelphia.

The computer lab will be used as a hub for residents throughout the Point Breeze community offering both an after-school program and a resource for improving the ability to look for and gain employment. For instance, some of the programs will include typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint classes for residents. In addition, educational professionals will be hired to assist local students with homework assignments and provide extra help in mathematics, writing school essays, and applying for college. In addition, the computer lab would also provide residents with the opportunity to receive help in building and improving their resumes for possible future employment.

The completion of the Computer Lab is expected by Fall 2015.

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